February 18, 2007

Shorty Update

The CMP has new info regarding M1 Carbine sales. The gist is they'll only have Inland manufactured carbines available from April 30th until September at which time other manufacturers will be added to the list. They've established a one carbine manufacturer per customer rule for 2007. The carbines will be sold without magazines, slings or oilers & they have not established a price as of yet. Again they will not begin accepting orders until April 30th & then only for Inland manufactured carbines (which has really bummed out The Smallest Minority).

Also the CMP has a neat little .pdf on their M1 Carbine sales page about little tricks to improve the function of the M1 Carbine. While you wait might I suggest giving it a read? I hadn't planned on grabbing a carbine myself but found some of the info really interesting anyway. The next update from the CMP about M1 Carbine sales is scheduled for March 23rd.

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