February 18, 2007

Leader Of The Band

Word has come to me of the passing of Calvin "Mac" McKinney on December 21rst of 2006. If the name doesn't sound familiar that's even more of a shame because you didn't know him & his fame was not a tenth of what it should have been. He was the band director as well as keyboard player & occasional saxophonist for Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs, a group I had many friends in & Mac was one of them. A fellow who played with them has more info for those who would like to know the details.

In the meantime here's Dan Fogelberg's Leader of the Band which would have summed up Mac nicely.

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Thanks. I had forgotten how much I like Mr. Fogelberg's stuff.

A friend and fellow musician wrote a song for Fogelberg which had a lyric (in part):
"You play like a dancer in graceful form.
A word from your lips is poetry born."
"Before you close and say good-bye, play one for you and I"

Yup. That was a different time.

Posted by: Rob at February 23, 2007 03:30 PM
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