January 11, 2007

My Kinda Gun Nut

Most folks would be content with a vid of them shooting the SigArms 556. Not Mr. Bane. Oh no. He has a vid of him shooting the carbine, then having someone field strip it, then he shoots the thing again when it's reassembled. & yes; Sig wisely chose to forsake that ill-conceived Gaulish idea known to us as direct gas impingement. This puppy has a gas piston. For anyone who hasn't heard of the 556 it's a semi-auto only version of the Sig 550 series assault rifle that is just now being offered for sale here in the states.

Mr. Bane also has a vid of him shooting an AR, but not just any AR - it's an AR that uses a gas piston.

Now if we could just get both of the above in models that fire a real cartridge. :)

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Supposedly, POF was going to offer their piston setup in 6.5G, but due to the ongoing QC issues between Bill Alexander and Wolf/PP with the ammo supply, POF has canned the project.

There's also this add-on piston system from Ares Defense.


It's made for .223/5.56, but apparently can be worked to run on a 6.5G (I think it has to be opened up a bit, due to lower gas pressure in the 6.5G) So far it's gotten good reviews from ARF.com

RobArm also has a survey up on what barrels folks would like to see on the XCR. One of the options is an unspecified 6.5, which most assume is 6.5G. (6.5 MPC is even less common.)

Posted by: Heartless Libertarian at January 12, 2007 10:33 PM