June 29, 2006

A.R.T. For The U.N.

I don't think the U.N.'s intentions are honorable (I also believe that the sun rises in the east) but I don't think they're the most direct threat we face right now. That being said any excuse is a good excuse...
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June 21, 2006

UN Press Release On Small Arms Conference

Well that's what it seems like to me. Small arms: the global trade in life and death By Jeremy Lovell Tue Jun 20, 8:26 AM ET "LONDON (Reuters) - From Africa to Bosnia, back to Africa and on to the...
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June 20, 2006

Not Again

Guardsmen have been sent to New Orleans again. In a nutshell Nagin & Riley think they need help to handle the crime that's going on there. Nagin called the governor & she's sending in the troops. I'm concerned that some...
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June 13, 2006


NSSF. That’s the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They want you to support a few bills which could be coming up in the house judiciary committee this week. One of them is HR 1415 which is being called the National Instant...
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June 07, 2006

A.R.T. Day Reminder

June 23rd. If that date seems familiar it should. It's the day SCOTUS handed down their decision in Kelo v. New London. You can read some thoughts on that decision & its implications in a post of mine called Fire...
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Second Amendment To What?

I was probably going to let it slide. As you may have noticed from the lack of regular posting things have been busy for me. So when I received an e-mail from Hugh Hewitt asking me to support ten Republican...
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June 06, 2006

Some Thoughts On The Indiana Slayings

You've probably already heard about the multiple murder of a family in Indiana. Say Uncle has said that the "assault weapons" push could begin again because of this incident. Countertop has called BS on the media's fearmongering vis a vis...
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