July 26, 2006

That Time Again

Blackfork reminds us that the Nationals at Camp Perry are coming up. Ah, to be at Camp Perry... It'd be worth it just to see the M1 Carbine matches (this is the first year they're being held).

If you decide to make the pilgrimmage to watch the Nationals remember to avoid Columbus, Ohio as they're mighty skittish about those nasty "assault weapons". I'm sure they wouldn't even want to take anyone's money who owns such a vile creation.

Blackfork also makes a point that seems to have escaped the MSM:

"There have been ZERO fatalities and ZERO gun-related accidents and ZERO arrests for...well, the first 104 years of the National Matches at Camp Perry. Two years ago a guy fell off the pit catwalk under the targets and needed stitches. The year before that we had a cease-fire and ambulance for..(wait for it)....kidney stones. The guy got back in time to shoot his relay.

The worst safety hazard I've observed is getting junior shooters to put on their sunblock."

Dam Skippy. Real men do not lose their place on the firing line over a trivial thing like renal calculi.

Actually the Nationals started on July 10th but the rifle matches are what's coming up. I refer you to this article from the CMP's online magazine called First Shot. I also recommend this picture from said article since it's probably still sweeps week in the blogosphere.

Note that Lieutenant General H Steven Blum, the Chief of the National Guard Bureau not only used a Garand to open things up but had some very relevant words to offer:

"During the opening ceremony, General Blum emphasized how vital marksmanship is in today’s fight against terrorism. He credited skilled marksmen with being one of the reasons Americans have preserved their freedom."

For more reading on the wide world of riflery I offer you the following:

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& this I'll include to show there is some cause for hope:

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