July 30, 2005

Distinguished Reader Garand Porn

Robert ( B.F.I. volunteer, Distinguished Rifleman[.pdf] & all around nice fellow) sent me some pics of his latest acquisitions from the CMP. A word though; earning the title of Distinguished Rifleman is no easy task. For more reading on the...
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July 25, 2005

Joining The Team

Nearly a year ago, Publicola invited your humble correspondent to make some of my commentary available to you here. Why he thought I'd have anything useful to add to the discussion is beyond me ;) but here I am. So...
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July 23, 2005

Calling Up The Militia?

Nope. They won't do that no matter how much sense it makes. But they are looking at more "citizen" (like those in .gov aren't?) involvement. Or at least they were. Gunner brings us the news that they obviously didn't say...
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July 21, 2005

Colorado Gunblogger Meetup, August 7th

Time for me to promote the Colorado Gunblogger Meetup I mentioned earlier. So here's the official announcement. Meet your fellow gunbloggers and gun enthusiasts at the Tanner Gun Show, August 7th, at the Mart Pavillion at the Denver Merchandise Mart....
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July 20, 2005


I usually try to post about firearms related subjects but this struck me. Rather than have an appearance of impropriety Zell Miller payed $112,956 (plus interest!) to the state of Georgia in order to end allegations of wrongdoing while he...
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Powder. Gatherings. Tabs.

Hey - coming up with unique titles isn't easy. Carnival of the Cordite No. 21 Carnival of the Cordite No. 22 Carnival of Liberty No. 2 Carnival of Liberty No. 3 Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias (July 12th edition)...
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July 19, 2005

Ballistics Of A Ban

Via Jed I found that Gunscribe has done some useful digging into S 527. The gist is that it claims to be concerned with banning the FN-57 pistol & its ammunition because it will penetrate bullet resistant vests. What it...
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July 12, 2005

Indiana Cops Steal Octogenarian's Firearm

84 year old man shoots a burglar. DA calls it justifiable homicide. That was February. They still have his gun. Wanna know the reasoning? "Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Frank Schaffer said Birtwhistle's revolver is part of a death investigation, and...
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Columbus, Ohio Can Go Straight To Hell

"The maintenance of the right to bear arms is a most essential one to every free people and should not be whittled down by technical constructions." [State vs. Kerner, 181 N.C. 574, 107 S.E. 222, at 224 (1921)] In the...
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July 11, 2005

Coming To A City Near You?

Today the Columbus City Council will vote on its "assault weapons" ban. Nasty piece of tripe. Could be worse but it wouldn't require much tweaking to achieve that. The folks who wrote this one - well odds are they aren't...
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July 05, 2005

Carny Check

Carnival of the Cordite #20 Carnival of Liberty #1 Weekly Check on the Bias, July 5th edition That is all. Go read....
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July 04, 2005

ID '05

Independence Day. The 229th anniversary of a statement of freedom from a government that impeded individual liberty. (Please note: the holiday is called Independence Day. It occurs on the 4th of July. Unless you typically wish people a happy 25th...
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July 01, 2005


O'Connor is stepping down. That means there'll be a fight in the senate over her replacement. This could get worse if Rehnquist steps down, & everyone is looking for that to happen soon due to his health problems. Bush will...
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