July 23, 2005

Calling Up The Militia?

Nope. They won't do that no matter how much sense it makes. But they are looking at more "citizen" (like those in .gov aren't?) involvement.

Or at least they were. Gunner brings us the news that they obviously didn't say what they said.

Now this simply could be a miscommunication between the two agencies. More likely though is that someone at the Department of Homeland Security got wind that the Border Patrol was looking into effective ideas to patrol the border & sought to quell this unspeakable notion of simple folk being as capable as their government.

Now why is the DHS & the Bush administration so adament about neglecting our southern borders? Again Gunner points to a possible explanation - a perceived hispanic voting bloc that would be pissed off by it. I mean hell; if the Patriot act includes something about patrolling our northern borders isn't it a bit suspicious that nothing is mentioned about our southern borders? After all, they threw in some language about tobacco (again from Gunner) so you'd think that they at least bothered to address the borders with the largest influx of illegal aliens & smuggling.

But Bush & the DHS have some political reasons for not wanting the smuggling of illegal aliens &/or goods to stop. Likewise they don't want us peasants actually doing their jobs for them & if we attempt to take care of the business that they neglect then we'll be called names.

The militia should be called up to help seal the southern borders of the united states. It won't be though; aside from being political unpleasant for the current administration (to be fair this would apply for most past administrations as well) they simply don't care to have us think we can get along without them. After all, it's hard to keep people dependent on you when they exercise their independence.

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Bush must have made some under the table deals with Valiente Fox. I can't think of any other reason that they are so against allowing illegals just walk in to our country.

Posted by: Lucy Stern at July 28, 2005 11:00 PM
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