November 30, 2004

A Few Good Links

There are some new posts over at The Shooter's Carnival. I didn't write the post at the top of the page (The Smallest Minority did) though I do recommend it, despite not knowing what he means when he refers to...
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November 28, 2004

Coming To Terms With Gun Control

One of the biggest problems pro-gunners (& especially Absolutists) face is public relations. Good old fashioned PR. We keep getting our asses kicked on it & there are a few reasons why....
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November 24, 2004

I Support The United Nations

No, not that United Nations. I speak of a much older organization. Read Were the States Sovereign Nations? by Brian McCandliss to understand which United Nations is deserving of support. Found via The Southern Nationalist (on one of his back...
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November 23, 2004

Weekly Air Check?

Not only is Jeff's Weekly Check on the Bias posted at his site, but he talks about it on Cam Edwards' Radio Show. Go read. And listen....
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November 22, 2004

Ashamed Of Winners? Or Afraid Of Winners?

Gunner of No Quarters has a post up called Avoiding Winners? In it he questions why the CCRKBA & the NRA distance themselves from the Virginia Citizens Defense League. There are several explanations that come to mind. Two seem plausible,...
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November 19, 2004

Good News From The Courts For A Change

Kevin of The Smallest Minority has a nice post up detailing two dismissals of lawsuits against gun makers. What's even more interesting (almost unbelievable in fact) is that both came from the Illinois (yes- that Illinois) Supreme Court & both...
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It's National Ammo Day. Go out & buy 100 rounds of ammo, or components to load 100 rounds. Then go wish Kim du Toit a happy b-day. Here's a well kept secret: many people know Mr. du Toit started National...
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November 18, 2004

Pennsylvani Alert

Geek With A .45 has the details about a gun control bill heading to the Pennsylvania House today. If you're in Pennsylvania then go read The Geek's post & start dialing your reps. Then call your friends & tell them...
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November 17, 2004

Rocky Mountain Low

Ya know, I was looking forward to doing a few things around here; cleaning a new acquisition; writing about said new acquisition; loading some ammo for said new acquisition; writing about some older acquisitions; perhaps even watching a movie. But...
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Seegars v. Ashcroft

Triggerfinger has done an exceptional job in gathering all the material he could on this case. Seegars v. Ashcroft is a case challenging D.C.'s almost total ban on firearms possession. It's the NRA's attempt to not be outdone by two...
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November 10, 2004

Bush Fights For Gun Owners? My Ass

Say Uncle has the scoop. The Justice Department (which answers to Bush) is asking SCOTUS to reverse the 9th circuit ruling that said the commerce clause of the constitution didn't permit federal gun laws (the NFA in particular) to apply...
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November 07, 2004

Another Gun Control Debate

I'm participating in one over at Stop The Bleating. Shocking, I know. But it may be interesting. The post in question is titled Howling In Outrage To Shake The Pillars Of Heavan & is a response to this post by...
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Warning: Denver Does Not Want Your Business

The city of Denver can go to hell. Straight to hell. No passing go, no two hundred dollars. Straight. To. Hell. Why? Because the bastards not only argued that their local laws that infringe upon the Right to Arms trump...
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November 04, 2004

A B-day Gift

No, not for me. At least not anything material I'm getting. This is almost as nice though....
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Revenge Of The Commentors?

In the comments to this post (Revenge of the Purists (I Prefer the Term Absolutists) a good fellow by the name of Charles expresses disagreement. I'll attempt to respond to his concerns here....
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November 03, 2004


It's all over but the counting. & the lawyering. & the blogging about the counting & the lawyering....
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