November 24, 2004

I Support The United Nations

No, not that United Nations. I speak of a much older organization.

Read Were the States Sovereign Nations? by Brian McCandliss to understand which United Nations is deserving of support. Found via The Southern Nationalist (on one of his back pages)

As for what I think of the UN you were thinking about when you read the title, let's just say I agree with Fred that blue makes a very distinctive target. (Also see here, here & especially here.)

Posted by Publicola at November 24, 2004 04:25 AM

hello i will like to send this comment for the united nations, just to say as about ¡ hoom is going to stop some day with the powerfull, powerfull, mexican weapon,as this one , ¡how them like to say to any body, as them are your good friend, but some way none body can't as to bealive in that, them use this weapon in any time i been watching as them do, actualy some i know this weapon can't be use, in some pharagraph of the international law, the ¡whait them use it in every time, them call to any body them friend but under the whater them go how fhigther persons, some how the public must to notice, as how none any other people's country, them are not how crazy as the mexicans are, better them don't do so ill, and also ¡whait them use so much the fullish word, ¡ hey my friend ¡ them better to stay away with that, none body nead them any way and i don't tink as them can be a good friend for none body,,,have a good day.......................................................................................................

Posted by: jhosep muller at January 31, 2005 03:29 PM


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Posted by: jhosep green at March 15, 2005 12:14 PM

hello, how are you today, hopely your fine, and in good health thank you, this comment it is for the united nations from the world, it is with the finality, to leave you to know, about some matter, may be how, or hoom concern to many countries from the same economical and political sistem, this one it is to talk about, the mexicans and in the way them are driving in the united states of america country, this because in many times when the, winer in the elections to be the president from the united states from america, well this men, after he win, then he sell, his president place, to another country, for them to drive with this one don't matter how them say or any body say, actualy i got know how the american president, the buyer but not the winer, them had hold to the country with threating at them as fixing any figth with other countries mean wile, if the public care, of about this, because the white house does hold by foringers, plus them have foringe spay in the army, plus in the navy, the bout of them are mexican and german, and this team them are at the world, plus i got know the american public can't say at them,,,,,,,,........ plus also i have another doubt
of about this, how the american televition is not as fine working as used to be, may be because, after the 1963, when many change every were, but must to be because the televition industry it is drive mean wile by false owners, and them don't want to care as must to be, as before when the period 1959 to 1961, actualy and also i can see the quality in the informations it is how low, because many lies, may to stole to some body or with the time to stole to the public, as by example the programing for the,,,,,, discovery chanel from the date march 13 2005, talking about the plane industry, that one have a lot of lies, because, the information for that program that one have much of mistakes, dosen't saying the thrue,,,, as in the news papers form the same date, as about the news paper from the 1950's and the 1960's dosen't saying the plane engine them used to be rokets, with out control and exploting every time, also that programing dosen't saying the real thrue owner legal name, mr, howard hughes, and only owenr, were named by the same american president, eisenhower, plus howard hughes he develope this plane, i been the personal witness person, actualy all of this under legal lawyer people,,,,don't by talker,,,,plus i place the turbin engine in spain with owr roll roice enginery,,,, my question for the united nations public, it is this one, are ther some body to care in the televition information, or any body can say any lie, with the pourpose to stole, i know it is ilegal to lie to the public, by the televition waves, plus this is crime, i have no more by the moment god blees,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by: luhuju at March 15, 2005 12:49 PM

!.,hope when you reading this comment you are fine thanks,,,,i will like to send this comment for the united nations public,,,this one will say
how happend to the united states president of the american country, in the 1961's to 1962's, this message it have the pourpouse to leave you to see more deep, into the political ocean, because some times ther are political crash, when none body care to crash,,,, this happend when the elected president jfk,,he were fine talking with me,,,,latter then his brother ek
him self came inside jfk office,, then jfk,,he argue at him ek,,, !like this,,i told you, to don't come,,, and if you nead somenting then you make a phone call for me,,, then his brother ek,,,he say this to his brother jfk,,, i come because i have a bussines for you,,, then jfk he ask for how cain of busine do have for me,,, well then ek,,, he said to his brother topay million to him,,, just to stay by his political side,,, then jfk said to ek,,, this !whait do i have to pay to stay by my side,,,then ek, he said to jfk because as you don't pay me i'm going to kill you, with the other team,,, jfk he answer how sad, and mad,,, any way i wont pay to you,,,then his brother ek, he were staying how sad and so much craying because how he said to his brother jfk,,, any way then he left,,,but jfk he said how much he hait the way his brother is,,, i realy bealive his brother ek,, have so much to be with the united states political confuse and lost, because ek, he did contact with the mexican the german and the soviet team, before the political attak in the american country,,,i have no more word by the moment have a good day god bless thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............

Posted by: jhosep muller at March 17, 2005 09:47 AM

!-.0 - -, i hope when you reading, the present comment you staying in good health, this one with the pourpouse, to make a question to the united nations public,,,in about,,,the economic sistem in the many countries alied to the united nations, just for this time, i will like to make some questions about the mexican economic sistem,,,this because i bealive ther are some mistake, in the mexican banks driving,,,some body are driving with them,,, i have to say i'm legal banker,,,driving with money from swiss in mexico,,,this because the mexican president he call to the foringer bank,, to come to bank,,to the mexican country 1960's,,,then we place gold in mexico to can,,, drive as banker people,,,actualy,,, i have a question as for them,,,are the other many bank in the mexican country,,,,opening banks by placing them own gold,,,,olso this gold must to be pure legal gold with a clean record,,,,,plus the mexican president he tend a legal gold certificate,,,,
ther is another question for the united nations public,,,,,¿can the mexican bank to change the rules in the bank's proceding,,,,,,i bealive them as can't because in the past 1960's, the rules were input in the mexican bank,,,,, by a swiss sistem to avoid the communism,,,,,this mean if a bank changing the rules to the public,,,,ther are going to be troubles
may be politic troubles,,,,because the sistem saying in that country them want or taking some economic sistem, as example in the mexican country we having still we have the capitalism sistem,,,,this mean we have to make effort exactly the way the capitalism going,,,like to own legal money to open a bussines place and to work hard to make it a very proud bussines place,,,and to fight and to work to keep it working,,,even with politics at any other sistem,,,then i know the economic sistem does hold by computer work,,, the rules can't be change or after your bank sistem, can't to work it back at you, also can't make trapt,,, at your bank's
clients,,,like to proced at them,,,when the sistem saying you have to pay,,,you have to pay,,,,any cain as money can be billion,,,, because if you don't your own sistem is going to say you are falling into communism,,,so much
i know the mexican bank them traping the mexican public money into bank,,,this is can,t be how the public is going to work,,,,plus olso the mexican bank's driver,,,many time them kill to the rich people,,,,, this have so much to be because still the mexican bealiving,,,,,,,in them revolution,,,,,this can't be fare for the foringe banks,,,,, because this mexican people still them like the traditional,,,,,also another
can't be it is, as to do proud as the mexican them are, just because them,,,,,,heros,,,,,,all as them are,,,,and did,,,bandals and killers,,,,and how can't a country to make and to place monumental of this cain of bandals,,,,better the mexican must to change in the way them do,,,,them can't staying making proud as this historical persons did,,,like villa,,,zapatta,,,,and all of them,,,,may be the international banks,,,must to ting so much before in transfer any other money for them,
i hope the united nations public, can do some ting about,,,have a good day,,,,,,,,,,,,,god bless,,,,,,,,,,...........

Posted by: joshep muller at March 23, 2005 10:19 AM

good afetrnoon,,,this is a comment for the interpol chief,,,the one it is to can say,,, how ther is a trouble with out a solution,,, this one is about how many person stay arguing, in how them were how good friend of mr, howard hughes,,,this just to can stole money and proud,,,,actualy my big'est moon it is this one,,,,how a person can say just because a person were as your friend then you can suck with his money,,, when another were the thrue may be the same persons as saying them were friend them were his enemy,,,i have to say this is in the way i saw them were,,,,expet,,,,a person named,,,,,aristoteles onassis,,,,with the men i saw him talking of proud bussines,,,of course of the many ship them buy in stcolme,,,,,actualy my phater howard hughes he told to don't leave to any other to say as them did proud bussines expet,,to mr, aristoteles ,,, also i must to say,,, he mr howard hughes he name me with legaly, the owner of any other bussines he open,,,,for me to drive,,,with the help of a bureau of lawyer,,,this to don't let to any thieve talker saying as them want be in his will,,,,,actualy i know this is because the goverment regulations,,,,like any other person expet the owner can't drive with big money,,,,this to avoid any. wrong move,,,at the country or countries,,,,,plus also the president,,,,and the treasure department,,,regulations also,,,,as any other person can't drive with big money,,,,actualy with the howard huges money,,,,because he isn't the good will,,,,actualy any money is going to the treasure department to stay safe,,of mad going persons,,,like to stay safe from bandals to stay safe from weapon or any other,,,,ther are many regulations for money i see them are fine regulation,,,,actualy i have to say the united states president and the state department them say to howard hughes to drive with this one,,,because he knows how to do fare with money for the public,,,,,dosen't is for him to be as the only rich men from the world,,,,again because he howard hughes were a good proud men,,, in love with the public,,,he went to many countries to fix them economy to make industries of any cain,,,he make very much friend arround the world with his industries,,,i been a personal witnees from any fine and good as he do for any,,,,,as by example of some proud hughes did't happend like this, we were taking the breakfast in the mexican president house a sunday in the morning, the president saying to the kitchner to be more fast and quik, with the tortillas,,,but the kitchener she said this can't be more fast,,,because this can't be,,,,,latter then mr, hughes said to the mexican president as he is goin to the texas state to make some solution as for that,,,,latter then went to an antiques store in texas to see how solution for the mexicans,,,,,,well then we found some hand mechanicals as for this, but we only put it an electrical engine and some gas to cook'em weel,,, latter then, we went again and again to take breakfast and dinner with the mexican president,,,,!whait not¡,,,,,,i bealive the interpol can do many to catch, guilty persons spending hurt money, as showing them are as rich,,,but this can't be them have to be catch,,,may be this persons ar as runnig any were carring with a big battle in them back,,,i have no more wotd by the moment thank god bless,,,,,,,........

Posted by: ludhug at March 31, 2005 10:27 AM
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