April 01, 2007

At Last

The incomparable miss Etta James. Here's a vid set to some kinda anime thing that features Etta doing the tune. Etta has done her share of blues standards & here's a vid of the legendary miss Etta James doing You Got Me Running. To show off how her voice is - well her voice regardless of the tune here she is doing the Eagle's tune Take It To The Limit. & just cause I think she might find it somewhat amusing here's a vid of Vin Diesel clips set to Etta's version of I Just Wanna Make Love To You. (I just found this one - the intro is worth the price of admission. Something Got A Hold On Me)

Why all the Etta James tunes? Because if I recall the birthday girl digs her. Go over to Annika's & wish her a happy birthday.

(Updated 04/01/07 21:09 - added a vid I just stumbled across)

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