April 01, 2007


A Def Leppard tune. For 80's metal it was well structured & despite the genre I always thought it was one of the better tunes to come out in recent decades. Aside from being musically well crafted lyrically i always dug the tune as it was a departure from the "get high & get laid" theme that was so damn prevalent back then. It's a rock tune (no; not that kind of rock) that is more or less a lament from a guy in his quest for a meaningful relationship. He's just tired of all the casual & insincere situations he seems to be involved in & wants someone who truly cares. Again not typical for mid 80's metal subject matter. Here's the vid.

I just got my Garand back from the gunsmith yesterday. I had it re-chambered for 5.56x45 NATO. I was gonna replace the op-rod for a direct gas impingement system but I'm having trouble find the part I need so that'll have to wait. & A View From The Porch beat me to it but I've just returned from trading in all my single action & DA/SA pistols for a Glock. Actually I turned in all my pistols for 1 Glock because I don't see a need for anyone to have more than 1 pistol. & my new Glock is chambered int he manly .25 ACP which should be more stopping power than I'll ever need.

On a more personal note I shaved my head, decided I really don't cats at all (so I bought a rat dog) & think that whole fresh calabash style seafood thing is waaaayyyy over-rated. I quit smoking & also gave up my iced tea habit. Additionally I registered as both a Democrat & a Republican & I'm wondering whether to speak truth to the power by voting for Obama or Hillary or Giulliani or Romney.

Oh, & after much soul searching I've finally decided that if it was good enough for several generations of Americans then it's good enough for me. I'm going to stop reading blogs & rely on the MSM for all my news. Now if you'll excuse me I have some real estate ads to look at - I just can't decide between Chicago & NYC...

Posted by Publicola at April 1, 2007 04:50 PM | TrackBack

ahh HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAA haa!! Yeah. You almost had me going for a minute there. It was that part about you not reading blogs anymore that pretty much gave it away, though.

Posted by: Carrie at April 2, 2007 09:37 PM

Well the gun stuff should have been obvious to gun nuts but girl... you know me. lol The part about dropping smoking & shaving my head should have made you skeptical at the least. :)

I just regret I didn't mention anything about going vegan & thinking that big government is the solution to any problem. :D

Posted by: Publicola at April 3, 2007 12:54 AM

You didn't mention you would be getting the required permit to enjoy the privilege of conceal carry.

And I knew it was fake on the only one pistol crap. I figured the re-chambered Garand was for cheaper ammo or some such thing, (that and you have half a dozen others, or more, in original condition).

Posted by: hello again at April 5, 2007 01:44 PM

yes - the permit thing... there were so many things I should have included that I didn't think of until I left the house. But you believed the Garand in 5.56? Even if I wanted to save on ammo - I - shudder.... :)

Posted by: Publicola at April 5, 2007 02:06 PM
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