March 31, 2007

Just Cause

A buddy of mine turned me on to Christopher Titus a while back. The guy definitely puts the funny back in dysfunctional. Because I'm bogged down with a few other things that prevent me from posting anything of depth, substance or significance to the greater gun loving community here are a few you tube clips of Titus doing his thing (note: the titles aren't necessarily reflective of the content, & said content shuld not presumed to be safe for work. Or recovery.). Enjoy:

Friends love their pain

I'm Not In Military School, Look For The Body

Can You Believe I Got Fired From The Suicide Hotline?

Thanksgiving Was Mom's Time...It Kicked Ass

Me and My Dad Survived 5 Divorces

Thats The Way I Make Love...It's Kinda Weird

My day Where I Didn't Get Punched In the face....before 6 pm

After 4 years, I Had To Move Back In With My Dad

Dad is Dead

She was Jewish and I still havn't forgiven the Jewish People

Shudder At What You Survived Through Your High School Career

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