March 29, 2007

Linky Minus Thinky

Don't blame me - I picked up the expression from Say Uncle. He should have known how impressionable I was. :)

Instapundit has a nice round up on the Webb gun incident. (though since it was a Beretta 92 there's some debate as to it actually qualifying as a "gun".)

The War On Guns notes that Mexico is demanding the u.S. do more to stop the trade in arms.

Kim du Toit notes that today is the anniversary of the 1911 being adopted by the u.S. military. (I'm surprised View From A Porch didn't mention this).

Kim also talks about data & how governments use it for oppressive ends.

Hell In A Handbasket has a primer on hollowpoints.

The Anarchangel contemplates Thermite slugs for shotguns. He also links to an earlier piece he did on the myth of mercury filled bullets.

Michael Bane wants a stainless steel c-96 "Broomhandle" Mauser.

View From A Porch talks about an anti-gunners inconsiderate & potentially dangerous politically inspired views on driving.

Clayton Cramer talks about an anti gunner who thinks the Parker decision is a return to the Confederacy.

The Bitch Girls posts on Romney saluting Castro.

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