March 23, 2007

Massive Pet Food Recall

(originally posted 03/19/07 16:30 MDT by Jed)

Publicola mentioned that some of the readers here have pets, but don't check mainstream news too often, and asked me to put up a notice.

Pet deaths prompt major pet food recall.

Here's the list of recalled products. It doesn't appear that it's all products from any of the brands. Click on the brand name, and it'll show what specific variety is recalled. It appears to be mainly the meat cuts in gravy type stuff.

(Update: 03/21/07 17:20 MDT by Publicola)

I saw this a little while ago & thought it might be of some interest to anyone who's interested in the situation:

Firm can't say why pet food is fatal

(Updated & bumped to the top 03/23/07 10:35 MDT by Publicola)

Rat poison found in tainted pet food

"A spokesman for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said he was not aware of any criminal investigation involving the tainted food."

They basically let pet food get contaminated with some form of rat poison & there's not a criminal investigation? Look, mistakes & accidents happen & I can be understanding about that sort of thing, but there damn skippy should be some sort of governmental investigation into this. Not that I have faith the .gov will do a good job, but it's one of the few friggin' things we legitimately need a government for. The tax rate in NY is high enough that they could probably devote a resource or two into this thing to see if there was criminal negligence or malice intent involved & it'd be a damn sight cheaper by far than the hell I (or others like me) would raise if a pet I cared about was victim of a company's gross negligence or an employee's malice intent.

As far as I know (meaning I haven't heard anything to the contrary) none of the pets of friends that I'm attached to have been effected by the poisoning (since all my friends generally feed their cats fresh salmon & their dogs fresh lamb, right?) but I can surely sympathize with the handful of folks who have lost a pet because of this. & I hope they sue someone's ass off. Hell, if a woman can get X millions of dollars because she spilled hot coffee on herself then how tricky would it be to find a jury that would sympathize with someone whose pet died because the major pet food company laced it with freakin' rat poison? Go to that last article & pull up the "slideshow". Aside from the 7 year old Yorkshire terrier being treated (which is pitiful) search until you find the picture of the 12 year old kid. He's holding up a picture of his now deceased 9 month old kitten Snowball. Tell me a jury wouldn't start glaring at the pet food company's lawyers the second they wiped the tears from their eyes after that got admitted into evidence.

Anyway read the article & if you have pets & haven't done so yet check to make sure their food isn't effected by the recall.

Posted by Jed at March 23, 2007 10:35 AM | TrackBack

I'm surprised the poison was able to keep up a level of strength to kill with the cooking and diluting through other products put in the can.

That's some pretty strong poison.

Posted by: Gunner at March 24, 2007 04:24 PM