March 26, 2007


Any blogger worth his weight in spam will tell you that we tend to spend significantly more time reading than writing. In the process I tend to collect links that I simply don't have time to expand upon or use in any way. For the helluvit I'll just include links in the extended entry that I find interesting but don't have time to write about in any meaningful way. They'll cover topics from the usual gun stuff to medical news to archeology to just sundry things I found amusing. Any sentences entirely italicized are news stories. The rest are blogger's posts. As Uncle says 'all linky no thinky". Enjoy.

Heartless Libertarian has the first post up about his experiences at the All Army Marksmanship Competition.

Massage: It's real medicine.

The Anarchangel has a post up about the housing bubble.

Tree bark extract might help treat rare eye cancer.

Chocolate improves blood vessel function: study.

Of Arms & the Law posts about a very femine take on a revolver.

Mom donates laptops to wounded soldiers

A View from the Porch & The Anarchangel have a very similar view of proper cuisine (which I'm not that far behind them on).

Jurassic Crocodile Unearthed in Oregon.

iPods Help Doctors Recognize Heart Problems.

From Clareified: Hugging fathers causes cancer.

New Tolkien book to be published next month: report.

Instapundit hears that chest x-rays for lung cancer aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Longer Penises Give Rodents Mating Advantage.

Chile rediscovers native Mapuche remedies.

Say Uncle has More on dog laws which oddly enough contained a link to this story:

‘Berserk’ house cat sends woman to hospital
Upset by appearance of a rival, pet goes on biting rampage in Idaho

The War On Guns has We're the Only Ones Medical Enough.

Music of WW II victims finds new life.

The Other Side of Kim has State Control (about Germany committing a kid to a psych ward because she was homeschooled).

Science trumping tourism in China's "Valley of Kings"

N.M. declares official state tie: bolo.

Annika plans on wearing bovine patterned clothing when she flies. View from the Porch probably wouldn't be unsympathetic to the idea if she still flew.

Guitars for girls a growing trend.

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