March 15, 2007

Snow Related Note Part Eleven

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K so it hasn't snowed in a while at the lower elevations but there's still plenty of powder on the mountains. & while I'm on the subject I've never been on a snowboard or skis. It's not that I have anything against either practice (I would have even tried them out a time or two especially since older snowboarders are not uncommon), I just haven't had any motivation to pursue them. That being said I do take some delight in teasing friends who ride pieces of wood down snow packed mountains.

I saw a friend the other day & it had been a while since I ran into her. She was on crutches & it was probably kind of cold of me but I couldn't resist.

Pub: So what happened to your knee?
Friend: Oh I twisted it. Nothing too bad.
Pub: No; I meant one plank or two?
Friend: (multiple expletives deleted)
Friend (mumbling) one. damn it.
Friend: & that wasn't funny.

(btw, as much fun as I make of snowboarders & skiers I gotta say this kid could board (it's a vid of a guy who triggered an avalanche & snowboarded through it). He won't be on final jeopardy anytime soon but he could board.

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