January 31, 2007

Don't Play The Odds

MARIANNA, Fla. - Investigators were trying to determine Wednesday why two people shot and killed a sheriff's wife and a deputy before officers killed the suspects at the sheriff's home.

Read the story for all the details.

It's a rarity but it's not unheard of that someone comes to your home with the express purpose of killing you. If they are sufficiently determined then most security measures won't stop them. If that is the case then you really have two options; kill them or die. If you have some kind of warning that something like this might happen then you can take a few measures to better prepare yourself, but if you don't have any warning then you're left with whatever methods you've practiced to deal with a home invasion.

Again this is a rarity in the united States & the odds are very slim that this will ever happen to you. More likely is that someone would break into your house to steal from you & might be prepared to kill you if it came up but they wouldn't be looking to do so as a priority. & even that is a situation that the vast majority of folks will never have to face.

But despite the small odds it would be wise to always have at least one firearm loaded & accesible. After all, small odds are great as long as you're part of the bigger number. When you're the "1" then the stats aren't nearly as comforting.

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Well, here's an example you might appreciate.

New furniture arrived yesterday from our friends at the CMP.

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