December 20, 2006

Can't We Play That Game Too?

If it's good enough for them it should be good enough for us. Now how do we get our government to give that a try?

Government quits in strategic Kyrgyzstan

Anarcho-capitalistic snark aside it's a potentially troublesome development because of Kyrgyzstan's strategic value. & also because trying to pronounce the country's name at the water-cooler is bound to lead to some confusion when discussing the situation. Maybe when they get a new government they'll get a new name? KylieMinogue-istan might be easier to remember. Plus the ads & the videos (another one here) would likely bring in tourism. Or at least viewers (& no - none of those links are probably safe for work. Some aren't safe for home).

(here's an x-mas vid of hers - just cause)

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