December 19, 2006

I'd Invade

& I'd make it very clear that I'd only stop the invasion when & if my citizens had been returned alive & unharmed. But I'm not president of the country in question.

What I'm talking about is the situation in Libya with the medical staff. 5 Bulgarian medical professionals & a Palestinian doctor have been sentenced to death (again) for allegedly infecting hundreds of children deliberately with the AIDS virus. Now if it were true I'd say death was too good for them, but the article makes me question the fairness of the venue. For instance:

"Research published this month said samples from the infected children showed their viruses were contracted before the six defendants started working at the hospital in question."

Add to that Libya's reputation for fairness & honesty & I'd tell the Bulgarian Land Forces to not make any weekend plans except to dust off their Sveti Georgi medallions.

Yes; I'd go to war over 5 citizens of mine being unjustly held. & when you have a trial with - well let me show you some quotes:

"Luc Montagnier the French doctor who was a co-discoverer of HIV testified in the first trial that the virus was active in the hospital before the Bulgarian nurses began their contracts there in 1998.
More evidence for that argument surfaced on Dec. 6 too late to be submitted in court when Nature magazine published an analysis of HIV and hepatitis virus samples from the children.
Using changes in the genetic information of HIV over time as a 'molecular clock,' the analysts concluded that the virus was contracted before the six defendants arrived at the hospital perhaps even three years before."

& the Libyans countered with:

"Idriss Lagha, the president of a group representing the victims, rejected the Nature article, telling a news conference in London on Monday that the nurses had infected the children with a 'genetically engineered' virus. He accused them as doing so for research on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies."

I'm damn surprised they didn't accuse the medical professionals of being witches since they weigh the same as a duck. When someone with a tin foil hat three sizes too tight is the most prominent defense of a verdict I'd say that the trial probably was not what we'd view as fair.

So yes; I'd invade. If I was only a provincial governor in Bulgaria I'd round up volunteers, bum a few T-72's & cancel my appointments for the next week or two. Hell, if I was just a Bulgarian citizen I'd make a few phone calls then invade by my damn self if I had to.

Hopefully Bulgaria will be able to bring their people home safe. If they have to get medieval to do it then so be it. & if they need a hand I've got no plans for next weekend - just sayin'.

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That's damn right, man.

Posted by: The Mayday Martyr at February 4, 2007 07:04 PM