December 19, 2006

Live And Let Die

Here's the vid from the Bond flick.

Miss Bitter has an idea: call the ATFU snitchline & turn in Bloomberg, with writing the MSM thrown in to make sure the calls don't go unanswered. I'm kinda torn. There'd certainly be some poetic justice about Bloomberg being thrown to the dumb ass hyenas agents of the ATFU, but I really hate that agency. So much so that I wouldn't want them to feel like any gun owner appreciated anything they do. & truth be told the laws that Bloomberg violated shouldn't be laws at all. "Straw purchases" only exist because we're compelled by law (i.e. threat of force &/or imprisonment) to get permission to make a purchase. As I stated before I think the only "prohibited persons" should be those currently incarcerated. If we're going to let someone into society we should not prohibit them from arms. If they're so untrustworthy that they should not have arms then we should not release them into society.

So using a law that I think is at best constitutionally questionable & at worst immoral as hell would make me feel too hypocritical for my own good. Your mileage may vary of course.

As an aside some time back I worked a job with this little punk. I won't go into all the details but he was a bigoted little misogynist with no sense of personal accountability or responsibility & his desire for instant self gratification over-rode any survival instincts he should have had. Needless to say I didn't like him. I'm not a particularly violent person but more than once I found myself going over the reasons why it wouldn't be worth the jail time to take his scrawny ass outside & give a redneck-to-punk translation of "you done run your mouth too damn much boy", especially when he dropped the "N" bomb where everyone could hear it. I never did but the temptation was certainly there. In any case I was smoking one day & noticed him across the parking lot by an SUV. A girl (around 5'4" & maybe 110 pounds with a petite yet athletic build) was running up to him & I just assumed she was another young lady who hadn't realized what an ass he was yet (I was mistaken). Then I noticed she didn't seem to be slowing down.

She slammed into him & put a big dent in the SUV he was standing beside then proceeded to beat the hell out of him. I'm not talking a bunch of slapping & such; she was beating him like she was a man (which would have left the fight one man short). In a few hours he'd have a nice black eye to go along with the cut lip & assorted scrapes he deserved all too well.

Regretting my actions before I had taken them I got out of my car & stepped between them. I talked with the very upset young lady for a few minutes & told her that quite simply his punk-ass was not worth going to jail over. I didn't tell her that I wasn't going to try to physically stop her but I think she had an idea I wasn't a danger to her. If she had wanted to she could have went around me & I wouldn't have done anything else to stop her laudable efforts at educating a young punk. After a minute or so she calmed down a bit, yelled something to the punk about his lineage not being entirely human, thanked me for trying to help her then she hauled ass out of there.

The point? Even though I really understood the desire to try to knock some sense into said bigotus punkitus it would have been wrong to let her beat him like a wayward conga assault him since he had not directly provoked such a response. She did it for all the right reasons (I found out later they had gotten drunk together & he thought passed out meant yes) but her actions were not justifiable in the society in which we live. & believe me I can argue as well as you can that society should change enough to accommodate such actions in such cases but as it stands I felt the right thing to do was to stop her from going to jail over him. For what it's worth I tried to find her (but never did) so I could buy her two drinks - one to thank her for what she did & the other to apologize for stopping her. & bigotis punkitus didn't seem to learn his lesson from that, but that's another tale.

So that's why I can't get behind Miss Bitter's idea to use the ATFU against Bloomberg even though both of them deserve each other. Neither am I going to stop you from doing what Miss Bitter asks. In the end I don't think Bloomberg would learn anything from the experience & odds are he'd make some new pals in the ATFU as a result. But like I said it's your decision to make & I won't stop you.

Posted by Publicola at December 19, 2006 03:18 AM | TrackBack

I dunno. I think attempted rape warrents a violent response. Were she my sister, this guy's eyes would have been swollen shut for days. And when he got better, I'd do it again, just so he don't forget. Sounds like he got a mild dose of frontier justice.
About the original topic, You and I have to live with these laws, like it or not, constitutionality be damned. I break it, I get caught, I pay the price. Why should Bloomberg be any different? Not holding his feet to the fire just serves to reenforce his elitist attitude. Unfortunately, Ted Williams was right,"laws weren't writ for fat cats".

Posted by: Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner at December 19, 2006 05:39 AM

Roland - I can't say as I disagree with how you'd handle things. If I were in a different situation I cannot say I'd discount frontier justice as you put it as a valid option. & I realy don't blame the young lady at all for her actions. before I knew the motivation I regretted stopping her. But as I said he wasn't worth jail time.

& I understand the point about equal application of the laws, even unjust ones. I just cannot in good conscience drop a dime on anyone for doing something I do not think is wrong by law or ethics. Bloomberg is an ass but if I dropped a dime on him then I'd feel compelled to drop a dime on someone who wasn't an ass that just violated some unconstitutional law. But as I said in the post I understand if your mileage varies.

Posted by: Publicola at December 19, 2006 03:32 PM

"He thought passed out = yes" isn't attempted rape, in most states it's the full felony. Rape isn't sex against objection, it's sex absent consent, and an unconscious person cannot consent. She could likely have landed him in The Big House for a few years. On the other hand, beating the crap out of him was probably more satisfying.

And since you saw it, I suppose his reputation, or whatever existed of it, had the addition of public knowledge that the thrashing he had endured had been at the hands of a 4' 11" woman.

While I'm at it -- when I worked in DC there was a guy who had the looks of a squid and a much worse personality. He got a high position at another agency, and went to sexually harrassing his female subordinates. I mean serious harrassment -- go to bed with me or you'll suffer in your job. One of them got even. She wrote up her experience in an affidavit, got two other ladies to do the same, waiting until JUST before his probationary period ended and he had job security, and filed it with the Inspector General. Cc to the Washington Post. Next day his picture was on the front page of the Government section. The next story was that he was resigning his cushy post for "personal reasons."

Posted by: David Hardy at December 19, 2006 05:51 PM
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