December 13, 2006

Mellowship Slinky In B Major

This is one of my favorite funk tunes. It's got a groove & it's real fun to play, especially if you're working with a decent bass player & drummer. It's by The Red Hot Chile Peppers. I couldn't find The RHCP version anyplace online but here's a vid of a cover band called Funky Monk who do a decent rendition of the tune (& the sound quality isn't great so be warned). Here are the lyrics.

Speaking of Chile (cause we kinda were ya know) Kim du Toit has a nice piece with some interesting links about Chile's former dictator Pinochet entitled The Pinochet Conundrum (1). Pinochet was a dictator in the unkindest sense of the word, but he did step down peacefully because of the results of a referendum & in between he not only kept his country from going communist like so many other South American countries, but his embracing of free market economics allowed Chile to pull itself up by its bootstraps & become one of the strongest South American economies there is.

But go read the whole thing & follow the links.

Update: (12-14-06 08:02) The Pinochet Conundrum (2) is up for your perusing pleasure.

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