September 25, 2006


Beautiful little tune by a progressive rock band called Dream Theater.

Say Uncle reports that the LA county gun task force is being active. & they seem to be targeting members of the .50 Caliber Institute.

Kevin of The Smallest Minority thinks that things might get pushed to far & some pushing back will result. I don't.

Gun owners are always outnumbered in these situations. The latest raid involved 18 police cars & a SWAT team. If we assume only 20 cops assaulting 2 adults then each adult would have to hold off 10 cops. That's not impossible but in a stationary position such as a house it doesn't leave enough room to manuvuer to make it probable. Add to that the natural tendency to avoid conflict (especially when odds of winning said conflict are low) & I think it's safe to say that these raids will continue unless a court steps in to stop them.

There may be an isolated incident of a gun owner trying to make a stand but he'll be heavily outnumbered & posthumously portrayed as a very evil person. Within a year folks will have trouble remembering his name & the incident will be all but forgotten.

It'd take a concerted effort by numerous gun owners to succesfully use force to stop such practices & I just do not see the gun owners in Cali (or anywhere for that matter) becoming motivated in that direction unless they see the proverbial cattle cars pulling up to their street.

David Codrea has some thoughts on the matter that are worth some reflection.

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With all due respect, I don't think that Kevin Baker is suggesting that the outcome will be favorable for the assaultee, just that someone will get pushed to a point where firing back, and probably taking at least of few of them with him, will come to pass.

I don't look forward to it either, but the law of averages dictates that eventually it will happen. Add to that people like Kevin reporting to others, informing the rest of us of these atrocities, keeping the pot stirred just enough for something to slosh out. It isn't pretty, but I'm fairly certain it's bound to happen, and we all know the repurcussions that would entail.

Thanks for the link to Codrea. I hadn't seen his take on it yet.

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