March 31, 2006

More On The ATFU

Say Uncle has more. & more. & still more.

In the first linked post Uncle says he doesn't necessarily think the ATFU should be disbanded. In the comments to that post Marc of Ninth Stage suggests they be restructured to give reloading & gunsmithing advice as well as firearm reviews. Here's my reply:

Um, why the hell wouldn't we want to disband an agency whose purpose is to enforce an unconstitutional law? Or shift said enforcement of said unconstitutional law to another agency?

as for the idea of BAFU giving reviews & such - c'mon. The only reason these guys aren't the widely known scourge of the nation is their incompetence. You really want reloading recipes from the same group of guys that threw a grenade in a window that one of their own boys just went through? Or gunsmithing advice from the guy who thought an FAL was a machinegun cause it had severely worn parts?

Nope; they should be disbanded. The constitutional duties (administering the alcohol & tobacco tax) should be turned over to Treasury, but the firearms stuff should just be unassigned until such time as Congress sees fit to repeal said constitutionally conflicting statutes.

Oh, and any BATFU agent who can be proven to have enforced said constitutionally prohibited laws should be prosecuted. Tarring & feathering should be an option for the jury to hand down upon conviction. Bringing back the stocks should also be an option. & if we could work out a way for a temporary tattoo to be administered (say one that fades or is easily removable after 2 to 5 years) then that might be worth considering. I'm thinking a scarlet "A" - for "Asswipe".

If you're wondering why I'm so harsh on ATFU agents, start with this.

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It was a snide remark suggesting "they be restructured to give reloading & gunsmithing advice" based on the fact that it's near impossible to get rid of a Federal agency. My fondest wish is that the BATFE be disbanded in dishonor but short of that I'd accept the BATFE being castrated. OK, let's say my second fondest wish is that the BATFE becomes a consumer resource.

BTW, I always knew what you mean by BATFU. ;)

Posted by: Marc at April 4, 2006 05:52 PM
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