February 16, 2006

Another Confiscation In Louisiana

The gist - a man carrying openly in Louisiana is arrested & his property stolen because some petty ass wanna be tyrants with badges don't like the idea of a person carrying a gun openly. Nevermind the state constitution (as well as the federal constitution) acknowledges that a person can do that. Nevermind that the state courts don't have their head up their ass about this like the federal courts do (i.e. they say it's alright to carry since it's a constitutionally enumerated Right unlike the feds who can't read or understand 27 words as written). Nevermind the DA refused to prosecute. Gonzales, Louisiana Chief of Police Bill Landy says he doesn't care what the DA says, he has a policy of arresting anyone carrying without a permission slip. Officer David Breaux told the man to talk to the judge about the laws & such while he was figuring out what to charge him with. Officer Billiot said damn the laws & the courts; they ain't having people carrying guns around women & children in his town.

My question is simply this: what happened to the policy involving tar & feathers when petty tyrants got into posiitons of power? Why the hell do these jerks still have jobs? Why are they able to walk into any establishment open to the public without being greeted by a loud & continuous booing from the occupants?

& does citizen Landy & his gang realize that if they don't care what the courts & the constitution say about them not being able to arrest someone for carrying openly then they shouldn't be surprised when one of their would be vicitms doesn't care what the courts & the law says about using deadly force to defend their legally possessed property?

In the South. The second time in less than a year.

Despite all charges being dropped (by the DA) the firearm still has not been returned to its rightful owner.

The darling & dangerous miss Nicki has the scoop & the contact details.

Posted by Publicola at February 16, 2006 11:22 AM | TrackBack

In addition to the so-called "public servants" violating me, none of the newspapers have the courage to expose these criminals by reporting this story. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "the NEWSPAPERS are to be the watchdogs of liberty."

Ascension Citizen
Erin Looney

The Advocate
Stephen Ward

Please let THEM know how you feel..........

Posted by: mark edward marchiafava at February 16, 2006 03:36 PM

Unfortunately, Ben Franklin (and the others) presumed that the press would think like they did. Not become power mongers themselves.

Posted by: TheSev at February 17, 2006 11:27 AM

*shakes head* Jeeze...

Well, I guess after Edwin Compass' sterling example of how Louisiana po-lice feel about private gun ownership, I shouldn't be appalled by this... but I still am.

Good luck, Mark.

Posted by: Ironbear at February 17, 2006 07:27 PM

Living in Baton Rouge, at one time I thought about getting a job in Law Enforcement in Ascension Parish (where Gonzales is located). Not any more...

And the really ironic part? Less than 20 miles away, a police officer in Baton Rouge might owe his life tonight to an armed citizen. He made a traffic stop and the driver assaulted him, breaking his jaw. (http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/2330586.html) It appears that, in response to the cries for help from the officer, a bystander may have shot and killed the man assaulting the officer.

I guess it was a good thing that bystander had not been to Tanger the week before and had his weapon confiscated, eh?

Posted by: Eric Sivula at February 17, 2006 10:49 PM
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