January 27, 2006

Another Year?

Two days ago (the 25th) was my bloggiversary. Been at this for 3 years. 3 years! In net circles I think that officially makes me "creepy ancient".

Here's last year's bloggiversary post.

Not that I've done it alone. I have a few co-bloggers & have had some very cool friends fill in for me from time to time as well as a lot of input from readers.

Here's some of the fine folks who've helped keep things interesting around here:

The lovely, talented & accurate miss Annika

The lethally stylish miss Bitter

The very pretty & extremely skilled miss Cybernerd, who helped with a redesign of the site (which was unfortunately partially negated by a later server crash).

The too busy for our own good Iceberg

The sage James Rummel

The too spot on for the MSM Jed

The too nice & smart to be a lawyer Matt

The enchanting yet tactical miss Nicki

The distinguished & ever helpful Robert

& last but certainly not least the man with a plan & a server to match the incomparable Pixy

& I should mention the groups which I belong to (since most of them aren't listed in the sidebar - again a side effect of the server crash of '05 coupled with my dread of manually re-inputting everything).

North State Blogs

The Rebel Alliance

The Munuvians

The Gunbloggers Community

The Life, Liberty, Property Community

The Another mu.nu Blog Community

So many thanks to all who have written here, linked to what's been written here, had suggestions for what should be written here & those brave few who've actually read what's been written here.

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Congrats on three years. I applaud your commitment.
Mover Mike

Posted by: Mover Mike at January 27, 2006 06:25 PM
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