January 12, 2006

IL Gun Owners Getting Screwed Slightly Less

Here's an update on the situation.

The Blagojevich administration announced Monday it will hire additional workers in an attempt to eliminate a backlog of gun owner identification card requests.
The move comes three days after the Herald & Review and other Lee Enterprises newspapers reported significant delays in processing the cards, which are required for anyone who owns a gun in Illinois.
The problems triggered complaints from gun owners, who said the state's paperwork woes were causing them to be in violation of state law while they waited for up to 50 days for their Firearms Owners Identification Cards to be approved.
Gun owners who have not received their new or renewed cards continue to be technically committing a felony, but Hampton said earlier that police officers are allowed to use their discretion when dealing with any possible offenses. (Emphasis mine.)
Good news...you can still be charged with a felony because the state refuses to do its job of processing mandatory cards, but you might not be a felon for as many days. Just hope you don't get caught!

And don't you just love that the government was fine to sit back and turn its citizens into felons until a newspaper finally said something? Only then did the Governor decide that the government agency in charge of this mess should actually do its job. Normal citizen complaints didn't get anything done.

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