September 30, 2005

Hunting Vs. Shooting

Michael Bane has been doing point-man work on this. The shooting industry seems to be placing a lot more (actually almost all) emphasis on hunting rather than shooting. For reasons why this is a bad idea I refer you to...
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September 27, 2005

Carnivals & Links, Not Car Novels & Lynx

Carnival of Cordite #31 Carnival of Liberty XII Carnival of Liberty XIII Weekly Check on the Bias September 20th Edition Weekly Media Report September 27th Edition (Note snazzy new title) Geek With A .45 posts about the mindset of gun...
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New Orleans Restraining Order & The NRA

Clayton Cramer has published part of the restraining order barring New Orleans from stealing any more guns. Mr. Cramer was kind enough to let me take a peak at the order itself but unfortunately there's a "Not For Publication" disclaimer...
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September 19, 2005

Avast! There Be Carnivals

Aye me maties; carnivals fit fer weather fair & foul. Carnival of Cordite # 30 Carnival of Liberty XI Off with ye smartly & givum a good a'turning with yer eyes or you'll be a swabbin the deck. Aarrr &...
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September 18, 2005

BFI Update

My template still isn't what it used to be, but I have updated the Bloggers Firearm Instruction page. Once I get the template straightened out it'll be back in the sidebar where it belongs. Thanks to all those who stepped...
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September 16, 2005

An Interesting Exchange II

In An Interesting Exchange I continued a discussion that was started in the comments box of a post at the Volokh Conspiracy. Mr. Esper responded in the comments of my post & that's what I'll be addressing here....
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September 15, 2005

I Think I've Created A Monster

Granted, a monster that looks very nice in heels & generally appears un-monster-like. Then again as much as I'd like to I doubt I had that much to do with her "turning" into one of us. In any case the...
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Another Misdemeanor Disqualification

Via Talkleft I discovered that the house approved an amendment to a bill that would make possession of firearms an offense for those convicted of misdemeanors involving sex. Child rapists shouldn't have guns right? Well I'd say that child rapists...
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September 14, 2005

Catching Up With Linkage

Carnival of Liberty VIII Carnival of Liberty IX Carnival of Liberty X Carnival of Cordite #27 Carnival of Cordite #28 Carnival of Cordite #29 (Double Edition) Weekly Check on the Bias August 23rd Edition Weekly Check on the Bias September...
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September 12, 2005

Never Rush Assistance

On Friday the NRA-ILA issued a statement about the forced gun confiscations in New Orleans. "...But rest assured NRA is monitoring this situation very closely and will address any activity by the government that unduly infringes upon the rights...
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September 11, 2005

An Interesting Exchange

The following is simply the continuation of a discussion held in the comments section of this post (Constitutions & Emergencies) at The Volokh Conspiracy. For various reasons I feel that it strayed a bit from the topic at hand &...
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He's Got Some Nerve Don't He?

"Police Chief Eddie Compass said that 200 arrests had been made since the hurricane despite the 300 officers missing from his 1,750-strong force. 'We've been almost crime-free for the last four days,' he said." Well yeah, if you omit the...
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Culture Shock

The NYPD has sent its minions contribution to help the NOPD. "Ron Hernandez, a New York officer who usually works in Manhattan, said he had been taken aback when he arrived in Harahan to see so many civilians with guns...
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September 10, 2005

All That We Are

"Milton Peterson was adamant that he would not leave. The retired 57-year-old said his wife had died earlier this year and that the house was full of too many important things of her's for him to leave. His six grown-up...
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September 09, 2005

Nah, They Wouldn't Cause That'd Be Illegal

From the NYT: "Waters were receding across this flood-beaten city today as police officers began confiscating weapons, including legally registered firearms, from civilians in preparation for a mass forced evacuation of the residents still living here." (Emphasis added) A few...
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Of Constitutions, Laws & Emergency Powers

Now as a matter of law there is some support of the idea that while wrong the confiscation of arms in New Orleans is legal because it’s spelled out in the emergency powers law of Louisiana concerning the Powers of...
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Hypothetical My Ass!!!

I am trying very hard to restrain my words. Forgive me for any impolite lapses. In New Orleans they are going door to door stealing weapons. This would be the cops. Not just locals. There are rumors that Federal agents...
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September 07, 2005

That Ain't Right

I'm definitely not feeling warm & fuzzy about this. Authorities Increase Pressure on Holdouts in New Orleans. "After days of pleading with residents to leave this partly destroyed city, local officials said today that they would begin forced evacuations of...
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I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about this. New Orleans Mayor Orders Forced Evacuation "As flood waters receded inch by inch Tuesday, New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin authorized law enforcement officers and the U.S. military to force the...
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September 06, 2005

Needful Things

There are a lot of posts by bloggers on what to have in case of some prolonged emergency such as the one in New Orleans. I may or may not have any experiences that make my opinions matter, but I'll...
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September 04, 2005

Blogger On The Scene

Nicki has been deployed. She should be in Louisiana soon, if not already. I'll worry about her a little, but I'll worry much more about anyone who gets in her way. She's a good writer & generally nice person, but...
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September 02, 2005

What He Said

There will be (& has been) much discussion on the best course of action to take if you're ever in a place where mayhem is breaking out. David Hardy has a few thoughts that should be a starting point for...
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September 01, 2005

Lutes are Good; Looters Are Bad

You know what this post will be about. It just so happens when I was doing a little bit of researching that the years of an 8 a.m. music history class (8 a.m. classes for musicians??? hell, it was hours...
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That'd be Reader Participation Requested. I'm in a time crunch & I'm trying to get something else finished but there's something that should be addressed. Strawman responded to my posted critique of his comments over at miss Annika's. I probably...
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