October 27, 2005

A Post Miers Miers Post

If I wasn't clear before - well it's because I wasn't clear. I was undecided on Miers. I was leaning in the nay direction but was still open to being convinced. I am of the opinion that Bush did a bad thing by picking her instead of someone else that was more readily researchable & more satisfying to the conservative base he tends to ignore so much (then again it's not like he's a conservative or anything).

I do find it odd that late last night the lovely, talented & accurate miss Annika came out against Miers & this morning Miers withdraws. I don't know if Bush reads blogs in general, but the evidence seems to be that he at least reads miss Annika. Can ya blame him?

I will admit that I'm uneasy about who he will pick next. He might try to send a "go to hell" message to the conservative base cause they didn't trust his pick this time around. Gonzales would be a nightmare, but I can also see worse options.

It'd be nice if Janice Rogers Brown was picked. As The Geek put it, "...what do we gotta do? Drape flags on her and tape sparklers to her ears?"

Course my pick amongst lawyers & judges would be Kozinski. But I have no faith that Bush would get something that correct.

At the risk of sounding fickle, there is one person I'd love to see get nominated even over Kozinski. Course there's a better chance of Schumer publicly & literally kissing Kozinski's ass than Bush picking the person I'm about to name. It's a shame as he has a more solid understanding of the constitution than anyone in D.C. (with the possible exception of Justice Thomas). That person is Rep. Ron Paul. Doubt me? Read some of his work & then see if you still think someone else has a better working knowledge of the constitution. But that's acedemic as Bush will never think about Rep. Paul. & that is another thing to his discredit.

Posted by Publicola at October 27, 2005 04:51 PM | TrackBack

You're absolutely right. President Bush would never think of naming Rep. Paul to SCOTUS. At least I hope he won't.

Posted by: a lurker called fatman at October 29, 2005 07:36 AM

Please elaborate on why you hope Bush wouldn't appoint Rep. Paul.

Posted by: Publicola at October 29, 2005 05:15 PM
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