October 31, 2005

ATFU At It Again

Via FreedomSight. The ATFU seems to be up to their old tricks. First of all the firearms division of that particular alphabet agency engages in nothing but unconstitutional activities, so it's not too surprising that they'd have no trouble bending or ignoring the law, let alone decent scientific procedure to accomplish their goals. At a High Power match a few months ago I was working in the pits when I heard one of the guys (who had an FFL) say that a new ATFU agent came out to his store & seemed real nice. I was close to going off on a rant about how a person who worked for such an immoral agency doing a job forbidden by the constitution could not be nice, but I had to concentrate on pulling & marking the target. Still it amazes me that any gun owner would view the ATFU or even a particular agent of said travesty as being nice, when the whole purpose of that agency is gun owner persecution.

Read what Mr. Savage has to say.

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