December 07, 2004

Illinois Can Go Straight To Hell

Imagine you're in your 80's. Now let's say you have someone break into your home while you're there. You spend about 45 minutes fighting with the punk who's in his early 20's. Let that sink in: in your 80's you fight for three quarters of an hour with a man that's 60 years younger than you are. Now imagine you get tired of this hand to hand stuff & grab your rifle. You buttstroke the punk & fire a few warning shots but he's still coming at you. You end up shooting him, then holding him at gunpoint till the cops get there. He'll live, but after he gets out of the hospital he'll go to jail. Think you done good right?

Now imagine this happened in Illinois & you don't have your Firearms Owner Identification Card. Now imagine the sheriff stealing all your guns right in front of you. Imagine wondering if charges will be pressed against you.

If your name is Leonard Gamage you don't have to imagine.

Some choice quotes:

"I do not have a gun permit so they had to take my rifles,' Gamage said. 'The sheriff told me if I get my permit, he would see what he could do to help me get them back.
I never use them, but they have been in the family a long time."

They didn't have to take his rifles. & don't even draw breath to tell me about the rule of law. Even in Illinois the Right to arms trumps any bullshit that the legislature comes up with to make its citizens dependent on the state for protection. Had to take the rifles my ass. What’s saddest is that the old gentleman thinks the sheriff was proper in doing so.

"Gamage said the sheriff and other officers told him he 'did a hell of a job,' defending his property.
'If nothing else I hope this prevents other intruders from breaking into someone's home,' Gamage said."

He did do a helluva job not only defending his property, but fulfilling his obligation as a member of society. Because of his actions this particular young punk won't be robbing anyone for a little while.

But since the sheriff did a piss poor job of protecting his constituents Rights Mr. Garnage won't be able to do a helluva job again now will he? Let me say this again; any government agents who enforce any law that deprives a person of a Right are the kind of bastards that Patrick Henry hoped would not be remembered as Americans.

Mr. du Toit wrote a few days ago about a survey of policeman. In it 53% of respondents said they'd go door to door to enforce a total firearms ban. He was surprised the number was that high. I'm surprised it's that low. Yes, I know a rural law enforcement agency will have a lower number of cops saying they'd bust down doors to take away the people's guns, but all in all I think there'd be more than enough to do the job.

So what we have is an old man, a veteran no less, who just repelled an attacker & held him at gunpoint till the cops could get there to back him up who then had his means of defense stolen from him by a bastard with a badge who thinks he's just doing his job.

Mr. Garange fought for his country to be disarmed by his state after defending his property & life? To make things worse it's possible that the local D.A. will try to make him do time for not having his papers in order.

Personally I think Mr. Garange should have run the sheriff off his land when he started talking that confiscation bullshit. & if he'd have had to use force I'd have hoped it was disproportional. Vastly disproportional.

As it stands now many thanks to Mr. Garange for doing what he should have done with the young punk.

& Illinois can go straight to hell, with McDonough County Sheriff Mike Johnson tied to the bow.

Thanks to Gunscribe at From The Heartland for posting about this.

Posted by Publicola at December 7, 2004 08:36 AM

with respect to police officers enforcing a gun ban: While you and I may think that 'only following orders' is not a defence for enforcing unconstitutional laws, in practice that criterion is only applied to the losing side. Until then, LEO get a free pass.

With respect to Mr. Gamage running Sheriff Johnson off his land, well, then we'd be reading about Mr. Gamage's funeral about now.

As far as getting back the freedoms we had prior to about 1934, I don't know how to get there from here - peacefully. Once a governmental entity got to use laws for 'reasonable' restrictions of rights, liberty was doomed. Since the earliest gun restriction laws were for keeping weapons out of the hands of newly freed blacks, and were thought to be 'reasonable' by many - most? - whites, I suppose one could argue that our situation today is a kind of karmic payback - if I were a Buddhist. Since I'm not Buddhist, I just have to conclude that if we allow rights to be taken from any person we despise (whatever the reason for our feelings, whatever reason for limiting rights), we're putting the boot on our own neck; or at least, on the necks of our children or grandchildren.

How do we take our rights back, peacefully?

Posted by: Frank Sauer at December 7, 2004 02:47 PM
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