June 14, 2013

Some Links

I've been really swamped, hence the dearth of bloggage. Things may not lighten up for a bit so I probably won't get around to elaborating on these stories as I planned. But here are some news pieces about what's been occurring in Colorado.

Together Colorado organizing Boulder County gun buyback this August Sadly a counter-buyback can't be set up as the buyers and sellers would have to undergo a the background check process (assuming the courts don't strike down the universal background check law) While possible it'd be a helluva lot of effort to walk away with a $25 Davis and an old Sears brand .22, and likely the Boulder chapter of the Crips wouldn't be down with getting CBI approval to sell you their stolen, only-shot-once-at-a-little-old-informant-on-the-way-to-church Glock.

Some Colorado counties are talking secession from Colorado.

A magazine restriction won't be enforced. Unfortunately it pertains to periodicals about marijuana, not cartridge containing boxes.

Glendale Colorado repealed their "assault weapons" ban. Glendale is about a square mile surrounded entirely by Denver. That such an urban area is backing away from gun owner control laws is a good sign.

Jefferson County prohibits open carry of weapons in some buildings.

A pair of coyotes were killed after they attacked some children in Colorado Springs.

A federal judge does not think she should recuse herself form the Colorado gun owner control case just because she's a gun owner. I'd like to know who asked her if she was a gun owner, as they obviously thought that'd be a conflict of interest.

Melanie Stern of Aspen on The Tyranny of Bureaucracy.

Edited 06-14-13 19:15 MDT to clarify and correct why a counter gun buyback likely wouldn't be worth the effort

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