March 28, 2013

More On Life Imitates Bad TV

My speculation was incorrect: a young lady has been accused of providing the pistol that Evan Ebel used to go on his murdering spree.

There's also an article giving an overview of Evan's life of crime. It tries to cast doubt on Evan being involved with a white supremacist prison gang after he was paroled, but this article focuses on the prison gang in question and how difficult it is to suppress their influence inside and outside of prison.

Here's a remembrance-style article on Clements, and here's one about the memorial of Nathan Leon. (Be sure to watch the video at that last link)

Mr. Leon was murdered while delivering pizza's, but that was his 2nd job. He worked full time at IBM, was married and had 3 little girls. I'm thinking his family could use some help. Bank of the West will accept donations for them at any branch around the Denver metro area from what I understand.

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