March 15, 2013

29 Passes

Colorado HB 1229 passed both chambers, with all republicans in each chamber and one democrat per chamber voting against. It now goes to the governor's desk.

This is the contact form for the governor's office email. This should be his email address: His office phone number is (303) 866-2471 This is his facebook page.

Contact him. Tell him you want him to veto HB13-1229, (the universal background check bill) as well as HB13-1224, HB13-1228, HB13-1043 (The magazine capacity bill, the background check tax bill, and a bill that changes the definition of a deadly weapon to include any firearm even when not being used).

The article linked above says that on Thursday Governor Hickenlooper received 1,165 phone calls "related to the gun bills". I'm confident we can double that.

Remember, these bills may have passed the legislature, but they are not law yet. There's still a chance to persuade Governor Hickenlooper to veto them.

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