February 27, 2013

Mag Nificent

MagPul is going to put Colorado orders first. (h/t Shall Not Be Questioned) The deal will be up to 10 standard capacity AR mags with a flat rate $5 shipping charge and being bumped tot he head of the line. (Also see this post for a similar offer from One Source Tacical).

It's very possible, but not predestined, that the Colorado magazine capacity limit bill will pass (though there's still a chance to stop it). Assuming it does Colorado will lose more than MagPul:

Another gun-products maker promises to follow MagPul out of Colorado.

MagPul's departure could crack plastics industry, manufacturer says.

Of note from that last link:

"Alfred Manufacturing's legacy metal stamping and machining business runs on four 10-hour shifts a week, while Magpul contracts have kept the plastics side going 24/7, Alfred said."

The comments section to that last article offers some abysmal insight to the workings of our enemies' minds:

"Cool. Magpul wants to leave, let them leave!
They're in a blood money business and Colorado doesn't need it or them. Don't let the door hit you on your way out the door to Wyoming or Montana. Get gone, Ciao!"

"Colorado can certainly afford to lose a few of these companies that employ low skilled workers. By leading in this area(gun control) we will attract progressive companies in tech, biosciences, etc., that employ young, highly educated people. This is the future of our country and our state."

"Yeah, don't think so. Magpul has NEVER had a contract with the US military. It sells to adolescent minded tools and criminals. Those guns, and gun parts, that are responsible for the drug related crimes along the Mexico border come straight from US based companies like Magpul"

"We 'democrats' care more about saving lives, then creating profits.. er, rather creating (low-paying) jobs! "

"...Outraged citizens wondered out loud how could this be going on in a downtown area. Well, after the arguments from the Sarin producer about lost jobs and such they did in fact move. Draw your own parallels here, or draw none. Sarin/high capacity ammunition magazines, sound like they're for the same purpose you ask me."

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, those sort of comments are in the minority. But the Denver Post is a typical large media outlet in a medium to large sized progressive city, so the majority of their readers probably aren't on our side to begin with. So articles mentioning guns tend to draw a non-typical readership as opposed to an article on another subject. The result is that the echo chamber develops an acoustic hole for all sides. Idiots like those quoted above are countered by folks capable of using reson and logic to dismantle their statements.

But I digress...

Hickenlooper isn't sold on the magazine limit bill. Methinks that the revenue loss from MagPul and associated companies got his attention. Also I'm hoping that his office has been flooded with calls and letters and emails by Coloradans who don't want more gun owner control.

All is not lost, even if things look dire. That we still have some hope of not having to endure some or perhaps all of these gun owner control bills is in large part due to MagPul taking a stand, so if you have an AR or could use a new case for your Iphone, by all means thank them with your dollars.

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I still say that Hickenlooper could pull off the political coup of the century by vetoing some of these things.

Posted by: bluesun at February 27, 2013 08:41 AM
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