February 23, 2013

Things To Do

The Colorado Senate will commence its version of de show a la dog and pony the first week of March. Assuming the republicans hold fast, 3 democrats would have to vote no in the senate to stop any one of these bills.

Michael Bane has a list of Colorado senators to contact that he thinks could be persuaded to oppose one or all of the gun owner control bills.

Bluesun over at Deadman Dance has a list of senators to contact as well.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has a list of town halls being thrown by a 3 senators today, Saturday February 23rd. They ask that anyone who is able to show up at any one of these town halls to politely but firmly ask them to oppose the gun owner control bills in the senate.

RMGO has also sent out an email asking for volunteers, which I'll post in the extended entry.

The time has come to get to work.
So we’re issuing a Colorado Call to Action.

As you know, the only thing politicians fear is concentrated numbers of constituents who speak up for what they want.

As details have emerged on new gun bills in the Colorado legislature, we are mobilizing grassroots teams to deploy in specific legislative districts.

We need your help.

We need you to volunteer to meet with a team in your district to put pressure on your elected State Representatives and Senators at the State Capitol in Denver to vote against rabid gun control bills and for bills that strengthen personal liberty.

I know many pro-gun people are suggesting all kinds of actions. Some are helpful, but no action is as effective as going into a politician’s district and organizing grassroots pressure.

While RMGO has a lobbyist at the Capitol – Navy veteran and longtime conservative activist Joe Neville, who knows all the ins-and-outs of the Colorado political scene – it’s not nearly as effective as having constituents lobbied in their own districts.

NOTHING moves a politician’s vote like an organized group that takes their message into that member’s district and talks directly to voters. No media attention, no op-eds, no Gucci-loafered lobbyists – nothing is as effective.

Of course, the other side is working the Capitol at the same time.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has infiltrated specific areas of our state and will stop at nothing to see that Coloradoans lose their Second Amendment rights.

Many in our Colorado General Assembly are showing weakness for the so-called “common sense” discussion measures the gun grabbers are using to bait the trap.

And, behind-the-scenes, some of our “friends” are already signing the documents of our surrender.

But without concentrated pressure from freedom-loving Coloradoans like you, we will see our Second Amendment rights ripped from our hands.

This is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

Click this link to add your name to the list of our boots-on-the-ground team.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown

Executive Vice President

P.S. Though President Obama’s agenda has taken most of the headlines, the immediate threat to Colorado gun owners is the Colorado General Assembly.

If you care about your rights the way I do, you’ll want to be involved in putting grassroots pressure on key legislators to defeat the gun controls that are working their way through the State House and Senate right now.

Please click here to volunteer for our Colorado Call to Action teams we’re assembling to defeat these gun controls.

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