February 24, 2013

Invisible Hands Do Leave Fingerprints

This story claims not a lot of cash has been spent in Colorado yet on behalf of the gun owner control bills. Of note:

"Mayors Against Illegal Guns, founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, spent $4,000 supporting both restrictions on high-capacity magazines and background checks for gun transfers. But Will Coyne, co-founder of Headwater Strategies, said his firm has a $25,000 lobbying agreement with the mayor's group and has not been paid yet."

Another thousand or so was spent by a local group, with undisclosed amounts spent by some other local groups who aren't exclusively gun owner control organization (the police chiefs association for example).


Bloomie the Hutt is still aiming his belt fed quad mounted credit cards at a Chicago race.

Chancellor Obamatine's clone army is still geared up and pushing gun owner control. Contained within that story is this cheery bit of news:

"On Thursday, 19 House Democrats introduced legislation that would put a 10 percent tax on concealable guns. The money from this tax would be used to fund federal grants for programs that buy guns back from owners."

As strapped as the .gov is as a result of their gambling addiction (hey - spending money on various unconstitutional programs such as social security is a gamble, as is any ponzi scheme) I'd worry a bit about a taxing measure getting some support at the federal level.

Over at Billll's Idle Mind I found this video:

A few things about that vid - the commentator has it wrong. 1 bill passed by just one vote in the house (the background check tax), the rest passed with a 3 to 7 vote margin. (scroll to the bottom of this story for the vote totals)

I also wouldn't say that nobody is talking about this. Ahem. And ahem yet again.

According to this story Darth Biden gave away part of the master plan:

"He said it would send a strong message to the rest of the country that a Western state had passed gun-control bills,' Exum said"

It's not hard to trace the money to find out what's going on. And what's going on is a concerted, organized effort to influence state legislators to enact a set of laws with one purpose: to eliminate our culture.

They feel that if they can get states to fall to the dark side it'll shore up their efforts to get the Imperial senate some more federal legislature behind them, or at least not oppose them too loudly. Colorado gets special attention because it's seen as a comparatively pro-gun state yet has an embedded clone army that tilted it to support Emperor Chancellor Obamatine in the last 2 elections. So it's easy to gear up the same machine with a focus at local races instead of national, and it'll be a feather in their cap when they talk to democrat congresscritters in marginally and even heavily pro-gun owner districts.

It's as smooth a plan as it is dastardly, and we best come up with something fast before the shadow of the dark side falls upon us all.

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