January 30, 2013

Heckle Very Thin

That was relatively quick. Back in the day (which was actually a late evening) it'd take more than a few revolutions of the world (after a revolution of information sharing technology) to bust a mainstream media outlet on fitting the news to print (and their worldview). Now it's less than a week to get the MSM all piranha-like when one of their own was caught selectively editing. Oh & to answer the question:

"Was father of Newtown victim 'heckled' by pro-gun advocates?"


He asked a question and was answered. O'course, considering the way that most pro rapist pro murderer pro gun owner control supporters view conversation, then maybe a pro gunner speaking at all is "heckling". Under their rules, as near as I can fathom them out, facts and logic could be considered obfuscation and assault respectively. And let us not forget what is really meant by "reasoned discourse".

(as a side note if you get the pun in the title, you're encouraged to seek professional help immediately as your sense of humor may in fact be worse than mine)

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