April 13, 2007

Soap Gets In Your Eyes

While View From The Porch advises selecting the appropriate ammo to deal with "hockey mask wearing co-ed slaughtering aquatic zombie day" there may be something more serious going on in Frederick, Colorado.

"The apparent slaying of a young mother in a quiet neighborhood in this small city appears to be an isolated incident and not a sign that a killer is on the loose, Police Chief Gary Barbour said Thursday."

The cops may be right; this could be isolated & specific. But I wouldn't bet my life on their infallibility. There's another disturbing aspect of the incident I wanted to point out:

"...she is rumored to have been stabbed in her shower..."

Aside from flashbacks of Psycho it should highlight the most dangerous activity we do in our homes. I'm not saying that because you might slip in the wet tub (although that's never a good thing) but because int he shower you're the most vulnerable to an intruder. You're naked (usually - YMMV), you have nothing but impromptu weapons within reach (unless you do shower with your ankle holster on) & most importantly the noise of the water will mask other sounds, such as someone breaking in or opening the bathroom door.

Course most folks will think buying a stainless steel Remington 870 with a synthetic stock to use as a "shower gun" is going a bit overboard, but it doesn't hurt to have some sort of weapon in the bathroom - just in case.

But more important than what you have within a step or two is being forewarned. If you're alone try either leaving the door open so you can hear better or closing & locking the door so it'll take some effort to intrude. A motion detector in the hallway leading to the bathroom is also a good idea (you can buy the toy ones for around $20 or so & they work for the intended purpose).

In any case I'm hoping the cops are right that this is not the beginnings of a serial killer (it wouldn't be a first for Colorado unfortunately) but no matter the description of the murderer it's always best to be prepared, even if it makes you seem a wee bit paranoid.

As an aside I have a pal who lives up in Fredrick. I'd almost feel sorry for anyone who broke into that place. Almost.

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