March 01, 2007

Who Will Gun Owners Support?

I just added a Pajamas Media 2008 Straw Poll over at my site. Im not a huge fan of the poll since they have questionably removed at least one Republican in my opinion, but I decided to add a voting widget anyway.

Why? Because most people there are gun nuts or at least follow the issue a little. The same applies to readers here. Most of you would generally at least know if a big anti-gun vote was on the horizon. Given the leading candidates for both parties, were screwed.

So, with that in mind, since supposedly the widget will allow votes to be tracked by site, I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys are thinking as the candidates keep shoving their feet down their throats speaking. Please consider voting. Id really like to know what the average gun guys are thinking for the next election. The widget is installed at my site on the front page. You can vote once a week for candidates in either party.

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