February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine

The tune was the work of that much reknowned songwriting duo Rogers & Hart. It was first performed in the musical Babes in Arms in 1937 & has since become one of the standards in the jazz world. Here are the lyrics (you'll notice that most artists omit the first stanza). I always dug the tune & for good reason; it's well written & can be done in a variety of ways without losing its appeal. For instance here's Chris Botti & Sting doing a very lounge act version of the tune. Contrast that with Sinatra's version (set to a slideshow about Obama being in love with Hillary). Now contrast those version with Sarah Vaughan's version. Then there's Bon Jovi's version. But moving right along my favorite cover of the tune is by Chaka Kahn. I couldn't find her studio version but further illustrating my point it differs a bit from the live versions I've found. Here's Chaka doing it with a little bit of an R&B groove type thing going on. Yet she has more of a smooth jazz vibe going on in this one. In any version I've ever heard though babygirl can sang (past tense intentional - cause you can't really dig it till she's done).

Now, what the hell are you doing reading a (mostly) gun blog? Shouldn't you be double checking the reservations? Making sure the florist is running on time? Ensuring the SalmonGram is on the way (cause her cat needs some love too ya know). You're at least trying to bust ass to get out of work early aren't you? If you're lucky enough to have a lady in your life that'll put up with the smell of Hoppe's then go treat her right tonight. If you don't have a lady in your life then try to remedy that. I know some females can be very picky but try your best; it'll be good for your mind as well as your heart.

Oh but do listen to Chaka cause ain't nobody sang it better.

Update: 02-14-07 15:29 Go over to Annika's for a very appropriate poetry day post courtesy of her co-blogger Victor & some guy named Willie.

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