February 12, 2007

We'll Get Right On That Felipe

"Mexico demands U.S. inquiry into migrant shootings"

"Mexico sought a full investigation by U.S. authorities on Friday into a shooting on the U.S. border that left three illegal migrants dead and two injured.
Mexico's Foreign Ministry said it had told the Mexican consulate in Tucson, Arizona, to ask local U.S. authorities to probe the attack by unknown gunmen, which took place on a back road often used by migrant traffickers.
The ministry requested 'an exhaustive investigation' into the incident, it said in a statement."

& we should investigate this thing thoroughly & bring any of the guilty parties to justice. But in turn I'm sure the Mexican government is bending over backwards to check into the Mexcian soldiers freelancing for drug cartels, the increasing kidnapping of u.S. citizens along the border & the turf wars that have on occassion spilled over onto u.S. soil, & a few other reports involving armed men from south of the border shooting at u.S. citizens

& of course they'll withdraw their objections to a border wall after this incident right?

But guess who the implied blame lies with?

"U.S.-Mexico relations over their 2,000-mile (3,200-km) border have been tense since U.S. activists who call themselves Minutemen began staking out the border area in 2005 to track down illegal Mexican and Central American immigrants."

Sigh. I wonder if the paper knows how close they are to siding with Bush?

Also the Dem. Governor of Arizona said immigration reform was needed, but she never specified in which manner.

Look, the people murdered did not deserve death. Their murderers should be hunted & brought to justice. I'm all for that. But Mexico's Foreign Ministry should get off its ass & tell Felipe that it doesn't have any credit with us since it can't or won't come up with answers or solutions to the crime problem that's coming from south of the border. & just to show some good faith could they at least ask one of their most famous exports to stop wearing that Butcher of la Cabaņa t-shirt.

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