February 12, 2007

NCPSA And A PR Lesson

I don't really care for hospitals. Not only have some of my favorite folks died there I generally find it has too many sick people to be a really healthy environment (hey - on what I get paid as a blogger I'd like to see you come up with better material :D ) In all seriousness I never went into one with cheer in my heart but I never really had any reservations about seeing a pal who was sick in one (or all too rarely a pal who had just given birth). I have some kinfolk though that are almost deathly afraid of hospitals because they fear getting some random illness. I always thought they were being a bit silly but in every seemingly unfounded fear there can be a little bit of truth:

"2 N.C. hospitals warn of virus outbreak"

"GREENSBORO, N.C. - Two hospitals are asking visitors, especially children, to stay away until they control an outbreak of a highly contagious stomach virus that has sickened patients and staff members.
'We're just asking the community to help out,' said Dr. Ward Robinson, an infectious disease specialist at Moses Cone Hospital. 'I don't think this is the black plague coming into Greensboro."

Read the article for the full details, as I am but a humble & shy minor caliber (mostly) gun blogger.

& someone tell Dr. Robinson that under no circumstances, no matter how jovial it's intended or light heartedly it's phrased - don't ever use a reference to the Bubonic plague in discussing problems at his hospital.

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