January 27, 2007

Snow Related Note Part Nine

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On certain cars it's necessary to remove the alternator from underneath. This is because either the designers assumed that alternators never ever go bad or otherwise need to be replaced or they just wanted to make sure that if you opted to do it yourself that you'd think of them the entire time.

When it's below freezing the entire day with a layer of permafrost on every exposed surface that approaches being level it's a really beautiful thing if a friend has a heated garage he'll let you use.

It's an additional plus if he knows the quickest way to yank & replace a bad altenator because he helped you do the same damn thing 4 months previously.

Replacing a 4 month old alternator with a brand new one does not help your heater's vain attempt to keep you from shivering the first ten minutes of the drive to charge up the battery.

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