January 13, 2007

Snow Related Note Part Four

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I don't believe in fate or predestination in any form but sometimes I wonder if it's all just coincidence:

On a snowy day when the high temp is well below an average person's shoe size (or Boxer, Schumer & DiFi's collective IQ) not counting wind chill every friend you have in Florida will call to tell you how their swim was great until they got chilled by the breeze coming out of the 74 degree water into the 78 degree air & it made them think of you.

The same friends will, in the months to come, wonder if the notable lack in size & expense of their b-day gifts was intentional or an oversight.

Posted by Publicola at January 13, 2007 03:27 AM | TrackBack

When their phone service finally gets restored, after the next hurricane, I'll casually mention thet I'd spent the whole day cruising to the range on my motorcycle, and blowing away the cardboard and steel.

Posted by: Billll at January 14, 2007 01:02 PM
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