January 12, 2007

A Yes For No

Dr. No that is. As reported by Bitter & by Say Uncle it's looking like I'll have someone to feel good about voting for in '08 (also look here). He even seems to be planning to run as a republican which will improve his chances considerably. But therein lies the problem:

The problem is the GOP will not take their heads out of their asses. They'll push for Romney or Giuliani or McCain. Hard. The GOP doesn't want Paul to win or even be a serious contender in the primary. Hell, they keep trying to run their own guys against him in primaries where he's the freakin' incumbent! The problem with Paul is he takes the constitution seriously. I don't always agree with his conclusions but it's a damn sight better to argue over the conclusions than to argue that the text freakin' exists & should be followed in some way or another. The GOP is fine with the constitution when it suits their purposes. When it doesn't they like to talk of gray areas & other such bullshit.

What it comes down to is Paul is very solid on the concept of smaller government. The GOP is solid in giving lip service to the concept of smaller government while expanding government when they're in charge.

The other day I was discussing with some friends the idea that how a person views firearm laws is a good indicator of how that person views individual versus collective dominance in a society. In general a person who wants fewer gun laws wants the individual to dominate society whereas a person who favors more gun laws wants the collective to dominate society. Paul is no exception to this guideline & what makes most GOP'ers uncomfy with him is that he falls too heavily on the individual side of things.

To say Paul is pro-gun is like saying that I've heard the word "Garand" in passing & might not be opposed to owning one someday.

If Paul were elected it'd be a nightmare for anyone working at the ATF, IRSS, DEA, Dept. of Ed & any other such agency. & woe be to the public servant who deigned spending $900 of the people's money on a hammer. It'd be comparable to electing Kim du Toit or myself to office, so no way in hell will the GOP not pull out every stop they can to keep Paul from having a serious chance.

Still if it comes down to it if Paul is running I might re-register as a republican just to help him out in the primary. I'll definitely violate McCain-Feingold in an effort to support his run.

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If you really want to support his candidacy, register as an R, and then contact his office and volunteer to act locally as a precinct committee person, or in whatever capacity they need.

Posted by: Kristopher at January 12, 2007 12:45 PM
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