November 03, 2006

Ron Paul Stands Alone

First the GOP tried to replace him, now the NRA has given his Democrat opponent a higher rating. I caught wind of it from Say Uncle. A more detailed post can be found at The War on Guns.

So the GOP primary drained his campaign fund even though he's a freakin' Republican & now the NRA is rating the Democrat higher. I disagree with Rep. Paul on a few things but damned if he isn't the most consistent defender of the constitution in D.C. right now. & I mean of any branch of government. & that would include the 2nd amendment to said constitution. I'd wager he's sponsored & co-sponsored more bills to repeal unconstitutional gun control laws than any other member of congress past or present.

So a few things should be taken from all this: The Republicans are more concerned with party than principle, the NRA is not pro-gun but pro-gun industry & Rep. Paul needs any campaign contributions you can throw his way.

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The NRA has shown that the game is more important then the fight to protect rights

Posted by: gunner at November 3, 2006 01:39 PM