December 25, 2006

I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor. Here's the vid.

In keeping with the topic of preparedness (see the post called Let It Snow) Instapundit linked to a page with 5 neat tricks for survival in less than civilized locations. He made mention of Macgyver but it's worth checking out despite the reference to the fool who'd use an Uzi as a wrench to operate a water cannon when bad guys were approaching. But what's also interesting is that the link Insty points to is page 6 of the article. Here's page 1.

On a similar note Insty also mentions that he purchased a Swiss Army knife with a blade designed for cutting seatbelts. He also points out that Wenger has a Swiss Army Knife with more features than a packful of Leathermens. (here's another article on Wenger's latest design). Ah, nothing like a decent knife or twelve handy when you need it/them. But the utility of bungee cord backpacks shouldn't be underestimated either:

"Carrying heavy loads could become easier thanks to a new ergonomic backpack that uses bungee cords to take the strain off the shoulders and joints, scientists said on Wednesday.
The cords suspend the load in the pack so it stays at the same height from the ground while the wearer is running or walking and reduces the risks of muscle and joint problems.
Its designers said it will allow users to carry an extra 12 pounds (5.4 kg) while expending the same amount of energy as when carrying a normal backpack."

& capitalism triumphs once again:

"The scientists have formed a company to produce the backpacks and are now working on a lighter, small version."

Hopefully it'll be reasonably priced (i.e. cheap) as finding a masseuse who likes to go hiking/camping is not as easy as it sounds.

& I would be remiss if I didn't point out my favorite Swiss Army Product. Not as handy as some but much better for fending off predators &/or calvary. (Cold Steel used to offer one but it seems to be gone from their catalog. Shame as I'll be kicking myself for not picking one up now.)

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