December 22, 2006

Murdering Thug No Longer Targeted

Target got the message it seems. They've removed the Guevara CD cases from their shelves.

"Target Corp said on Friday it had pulled a CD carrying case bearing Ernesto "Che" Guevara's image after an outcry by critics who label the Marxist revolutionary a murderer and totalitarian symbol."

Actually history labels him, the critics just pointed it out.

"What next? Hitler backpacks? Pol Pot cookware? Pinochet pantyhose?' wrote Investor's Business Daily in an editorial earlier this month, citing the Guevara case as a model of 'tyrant-chic."

Kinda wish I'd have had that article for my Cult Of Pesonality post. But it's cool that Target has decided to do the right thing. Now if they'd just stock arms & ammo at close-to-Wal-Mart prices...

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