December 12, 2006

Willow Weep For Me

It's an old tune, written in 1932. Here's a page with the composers listed, the presumably first artist to take it up the charts, the lyrics & if you're enterprising it has the chords listed for you.
Here's a vid of Amandah Jantzen doing an upbeat version of the tune (the vid starts about halfway through the song just so ya know). Like most jazz standards it's been done just as much as an instrumental as a vocal piece. & like most standards what originated as a sappy ballad often became a fast paced tune that lost its sadness. Here's a vid of the Phil Woods Quintet doing the tune.

Have y'all ever heard of Stanley Jordan? More importantly have y'all ever heard Stanley Jordan? Have you ever seen him play? I really hate that guy. Wanna know why? Well I can play his stuff, just not all at once. Quite literally it takes the use of both my hands to match what one of his is doing - either hand at that! & that just. ain't. right. After the first time I saw Jordan play I truly understood what Salieri felt towards Mozart (in the movie Amadeus that is - in real life things weren't quite like on the big screen). & I do jest a bit - the guy is phenomenal & I don't miss a chance to hear or watch him no matter how much it hurts. When I was a kid I made the mistake of listening to two albums (that's old timer slang for CD's) back to back. I didn't touch my guitar for weeks. Every time I'd look at it & reach for it I'd stop, shrug & just think "what's the bloody use?". :) But here's a vid of Stanley Jordan doing Willow Weep For Me. Don't watch if you're squeamish about a fellow playing two guitars at once. & I do mean playing.

But speaking of feeling so sorry for yourself that you ask an inanimate object to cover for you so you won't be seen crying yourself Ohio Republicans are saying they've seen the error of their ways. Well kinda at least.

"I'm not suggesting that what happened this year is a long-term trend,' said Jason Mauk, the state GOP political director. 'But I do believe that it serves as a wake-up call."

I believe the translation of that would be we need better PR to cover our ass till things cool down. I could be mistaken but it sounds like some of the Ohio GOP just want to find a temporary fix instead of a permanent solution. & the rest of the Ohio GOP seems to be just as clueless as ever. I haven't seen any evidence that they've learned their lesson. At most they see it as a marketing issue, not a product issue. I've given my thoughts on this type of situation before & I hope the GOP (in Ohio & elsewhere) either gets it or disintegrates to make way for something that's actually worth a damn after an election. They'll have a better clue in Ohio when they find out if the Republicans will over-ride Taft's veto of their concealed carry reform/preemption bill. The Ohio House has already over-ridden it now it's up to the Senate. It won't be a solid indication if they do, but if they don't then it's a safe bet that they're back to politics as usual.

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