December 12, 2006

Is It A Crime

Sade. I could go on for days about how smooth Miss Adu's voice is. Here's the vid of the studio version. Here's a vid of a nice live rendition complete with a decent guitar solo. & here are the lyrics. This particular song is about a lady who wants an old flame back & goes about realizing this goal by comparing her virtues to those of her lover's new flame. In real life I've never known that approach to work (or any approach to work in such a situation really) but then again I've never personally seen it attempted by someone of Miss Adu's talent or beauty. The premise is sweet rather than overtly egotistical & some nice poetic imagery is used in explaining why her old lover should take her back. & the title of the song reveals an age old trick; instead of approaching the subject directly the singer solicits an opinion of the situation in general - "Is it a crime that I still want you & I want you to want me too?" It puts her former lover in a position of defense while still having the illusion of controlling the situation - & all without asking how he feels about her & risking direct rejection. Not bad for a simple & sweetly phrased question is it? & yes; things can be that way; with more going on underneath a seemingly straightforward premise than it first appears, often unbeknownst to either party.

Maybe if miss Adu had asked the ATFU their answer would have been consistent, but considering they appear heartless as well as mindless I doubt even a sultry voice would sway them. The ATFU has reversed their previous decision about the Akins Accelerator being a machine gun. Say Uncle has the details & history. It's nothing new; they initially gave approval but then changed their minds (& I use the term loosely). But this is slightly different as they usually do so in matters where they have regulatory authority to make a decision. In this case the law is very clear & the facts are very clear.

To sum up a "machine gun" under federal law is defined as a firearm that discharges more than one bullet per each pull of the trigger. If you pull the trigger & 2 or more bullets are discharged then that is a "machine gun" subject to the National firearms Act. The Akins Accelerator is a stock designed to simulate "bump firing". In other words the stock lets the action recoil & then pushes forward so that the trigger is hit by your finger & thus operated for each discharge of a bullet. Akins has a vid of the Akins Accelerator in action & while it looks like full auto you can see the receiver & barrel moving back & forth in the stock. The trigger is pulled for each shot so according to any sane interpretation of the law it is not a "machine gun" as defined by the NFA. But sane interpretation is not the ATFU's forte.

Akins is trying to do some legal work to get the ATFU to change their revised decision. I'm not sure of the process involved if they refuse to but hopefully it'll be another embarrassing legal experience for the ATFU.

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